Niche Saying “What If” Could Be Damaging or Dynamic for Your Business

The expression “What if?” can become damaging for our professional life when we think it or say it looking backward.Examples:–What if I had earned a different degree?–What if I had accepted that other job offer?–What if I had held my temper in that heated dispute with the CEO?–What if I had followed the suggestions of that coach I hired?–What if I had learned another language?–What if I had not gossiped?–What if I had not been rude to that customer?–What if had found my ideal niche earlier?

Here’s the problem with those what ifs. They all relate to the past. Possibly we could have taken different directions then, but we didn’t. Now those previous decisions and actions are irreversible.So every one of these regretful thoughts merely waste time and energy we could be devoting to constructive thoughts and behavior. They become crippling.Moving away from the destructive use of what if to the dynamic use, consider these “supposes’:–What if I enroll in night school and earn my MBA two years from now?–What if I become active in my city’s most prominent civic club?–What if I adjust to those I consider “different and quirky”?–What if I learn to produce my own videos?–What if I start writing a blog about my area of expertise?–What if I launch a weekly podcast?–What if I strengthen my speaking skills?–What if I improve my “elevator speech”?–What if I sign up for a LinkedIn training class?–What if I read a quality book every week?–What if I offer a pro bono presentation to the Chamber of Commerce?–What if I become an entrepreneur?

–What if I stop scheduling unnecessary meetings?–What if I sharpen my time management and organizational skills?Clearly and convincingly, these what ifs–and similar ones–look ahead, not backward. They stimulate our imagination. They prod us to concentrate on possibilities. They foster initiative, change, growth, skill development, and sometimes new careers… the ones we are most suited for.So let’s engage in what if only when we are facing the future. That’s the best way to win in our professional life.In fact, that’s the best way to win in our entire life.

Niche Recurring Income Streams

Internet marketing is not about selling just one product or service. If you go into a high street shop there will be a range of items on the shelves; very different products but from within one particular specialism. A hardware shop may have everything from carpet tacks to sophisticated power tools; from paint to plumbing items; from hand tools to light fittings. All very different products but all come under the traditional view of “hardware”. Internet marketing is just the same. An internet marketer will be selling a selection of products all from within one topic or “niche”, as it is usually known. Within that range of products it is fairly certain that there will be items which generate recurring income streams, or ‘passive income’ – to use another common appellation.

There are various ways to create recurring income streams in an online business. One of the most effective and widely used techniques is through the use of membership sites. Subscribers will pay a monthly fee and, in exchange, receive items of interest in the form of newsletters and other information related to the particular niche. Subscription fees are usually very reasonable giving excellent value for money. These sites often have access, via a sign-in, to a useful resource of yet more information, videos, software, etc. all of which will be free within the monthly subscription fee. There is special software now available which will give an online marketer a framework for running such a membership site. Inevitably some of the more advanced software is fairly expensive but there are some systems available which will do the job perfectly well, especially for a new business, at relatively little cost.Another popular way of generating online passive income is through a ‘Disc-Of-The-Month’ offer. This will often develop from an initial DVD offer of 2 or 3 discs from a much larger set. The remaining discs will then be offered on a disc a month basis as a backend product. A similar approach can be applied to an ‘E-Course’, where an introductory offer leads to a full course of tutorials delivered on a lesson a month (or week) offer. With both these scenarios quality is the keyword. The initial offer has to be of the best possible quality or the follow-up will not be an attractive offer to most customers.

For each of these strategies payment is set up to contribute a monthly fee, all of which happens on automatic pilot. It is a feature of recurring income that the internet marketer, once the subscription is set up, has little to do but check his bank statement each month. This form of passive income has always appealed to those who run an online business, being paid many times for work done just the once. Having several such projects within a business, all creating passive income streams, is an ideal situation as the internet marketer has a guaranteed income every month on which he can rely. This is obviously of great help in forward planning and assessing future investment.